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General Rules

To register a website in you must respect the following rules:

  1. Neither bad words nor illegal content on Descriptions (Child Pornography, Lolita, 4-16yo, animal, etc..).

  2. In order to add votes or register accesses, you must to place into the registered page a small Html code, that will show the's logo. Every time, someone access your page, this code will record automatically the visit's details in In addition, if the botton is clicked, an additional vote will be added to your site. This Html code will be sent by email immediatelly, once you complete the registration form.
    You have 3 days to place the code into your page. After this time, if the code is not placed, the website will be deleted from For free accounts, the's logo can include some advertising.

  3. The website's owner or webmaster must to register the site, since they have to place the code. If the code is not present in the page, the account stats will not be updated, and the site will remain with Accesses=0.

  4. We can remove any website from our listings at our own criteria. Reasons for deleting a website, could be, for example: to attempt against the interests, as commercials as well technicals (server overload).

  5. For more details about how works, read the ABOUT page.

  6. Inclusion in is free for websites with less than 20,000 daily visits (most of the websites). For websites with a daily average greater than 20,000 visits, we could apply our price list. In order to calculate the daily accesses, clicks on's logo will not be counted.

  7. code must be placed so that it must be visible when the page loads. If you are using frames,'s logo must be visible when loading the whole set of frames.

  8. We can also change these Terms at any time, without notice, and your continued use of the Services after any change we make will mean that you agreed with the changes. IN THE EVENT THAT YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ANY CHANGE, PLEASE DO NOT ACCESS OR USE THE SERVICES IN ANY MANNER FOR ANY PURPOSE.

If you agree these rules and it's details shown in the ABOUT page
please fill in the registration form
and your website will be automatically added to